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Blogging Services is provided through does not explicitly track users, have code for followers, subscriptions, etc.  All of that functionality is created and maintained by blogger/blogspot and I have no control over it.  Blogger's privacy policy is here:

Advertising Referrals does not explicitly track any of your personal information.  Any affiliate links on my blog include tracking information, but only to the extent needed to track the referral and insure any payouts I am owed by the advertiser.  I don't give or sell any information I may collect to any third party.  Advertisers and/or affiliate networks have their own privacy policies and track and collect more information than I do.  That information is "owned" by those sites, and I have no control over it.  In fact, I am often contractually bound to revoke any rights I may have in tracking visitors to my site in favor of allowing the affiliate network or advertiser to take those rights so that they can market to you in the future without having to pay me anything.  Each advertiser you visit should have their own privacy policy, as will any affiliate networks I am a part of.  I don't know if I can possibly keep track of every advertiser's privacy policy, but I will post links here to the privacy policies of any affiliate networks I am a part of (currently none).

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