Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My first blog

I am a computer programmer in DFW.  I've worked for a major international bank (technically, a non-banking subsidiary) for the past 12 years or so.  I have a wife and two children.  I'm currently into programming, photography, woodworking, and welding.

This blog will detail the various projects and such that I embark on (and hopefully complete).  It will serve anyone who is interested as a status update on those projects and other things in my life, and it will also serve as a place that I can post my "tips and tricks" and such for things I do or discover so that I can find them later.

And to be perfectly honest, there's a hidden motive (although I suppose it's not hidden if I point it out).  I don't particularly care for my job.  Finance isn't exactly an exciting field.  On top of that, I'm highly anti-government.  I'm cynical enough to realize that it's never going to change and that nothing I can do will ever get the government away from me or my money.  But having to take a test every year on how I have to use the patriot act to make sure to screw everyone over is just pouring salt in the wound.  So I want out.  This blog, hopefully, is a start on the SEO requirements of making any of my other projects pay off.

Over the next few weeks, I'll detail my active projects (not including the ones I'm working my butt off on for my day job), where I'm trying to go with them, and why I started them.  There you'll learn how I'm trying to get a new income flow started.  For now, I'll just list out the projects...

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