Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bought a new truck

Really late post to provide background to current posts

We bought some property out at Lake Tawakoni, and the road leading to it is private with deep pot holes. My wife won't drive her car over it (and can't in the rainy season) and won't learn to drive a stick. And the transmission on the truck started making noise a couple of months after it went in the lake. It acted like the synchronizer between first and second gear was going out. But it may have just been that I never got around to changing the gear lube in the transmission to make sure it didn't have water in it. Anyway, with Katherine's driving difficulties, the transmission problems, the plastic that had all been falling apart for years, and the fact that our son is supposed to be buying my wife's car from her, it was time to get something new.

So, we started looking at 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks. We don't need anything that big right now, but Katherine eventually wants to get a bigger RV. And I was debating on whether to focus more on 4x4 or on dually, since I doubted we'd be able to find a truck with both. (And I still wonder which actually has better traction.) But as it turns out, we found a nice 2005 F350 Dually 4x4 diesel with only 58 thousand miles on it. It was too good a deal to pass up. Of course, we greatly underestimated the poor gas mileage it would get, but oh well. We did recently visit my relatives, and we still think it costs us less in gas pulling our little 19ft travel trailer than my 1500 did, so maybe it's not so bad. Maybe it's just that we didn't realize just how bad the gas mileage in the old truck was.

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