Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Checked on the Queen today

I checked on the bees today, and the queen is out and I found her, and they are making nice comb (to me anyway).  I didn't look around a lot, as it is still chilly and windy, and I didn't want to leave them open longer than I had to.  I took out the can and took off the extra deep (or medium, I don't know which)  and put it back together.

I made another 3 cups or so of syrup today.  386 grams each of sugar and water, to be exact (might as well be).  Oh, and yesterday was 352 grams each, I believe.  The bees needed feeding, but I ended up not using any of it.  The can still had 550 grams total of syrup in it.  I poured it in the jar instead, and I'll save the syrup I made today.  I'm going to have to start making this in bigger batches, and get a bigger feeding method.  If we had installed this package at our other property like my wife wanted, they may not have lived, because I'll only be able to check on them once a week (or maybe, they would have lived, but not done as well).  I've read some places that say you should feed all of the first season after installing them.  I was going to ask about that at a bee club meeting we were going to go to tonight, but we had other things to do.

I'm wondering if the concentration of the syrup is why there was so much left in the can.  Of course, the can also only has 3 holes, so maybe it was just too hard to get out (especially since all 3 holes may have been covered the way I put the can in, which is why I put the boardman on in the first place).  So we'll see how fast the level drops tomorrow.

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