Monday, May 26, 2014

Ad: Harbor Freight, something I didn't know - Retroactive coupons

Harbor Freight Tools - Save 25% to 50% Off!
I signed up as a Harbor Freight affiliate, and got their 20% off coupon up.  I don't think I had ever read the fine print on it, except to see what it WOULDN'T let me buy, like generators or toolboxes.  What I had never noticed is that it is not good for purchases made more than 30 days ago without a receipt.  What this really means is that if you bought something 28 days ago, and have the receipt, you can take the coupon and receipt up there and get your 20% off.  That's pretty cool.  The link to the left takes you to their page with the big 20% off entire purchase, etc, but you have to spend 100 dollars or more.  Below that is another 20% off "click for coupon" banner, and that one is off a single item regardless of price.  Both have the same retroactive wording in the fine print.  I wonder if all of their coupons do? (Update: Apparently the 10/15/20% off entire purchase coupons expired on the 30th, so I've changed the link to the weekly sale, which should have a 20% off one item at the top, plus any freebies.)

FYI, I'm trying to do "affiliate marketing" as another possible line of small side income.  With a blog that only gets 300 hits or so a month, I don't have a lot of hope, but that's standard with me anyway.  I signed up for CJ Affiliate (used to be Commission Junction) and I only have to make one sale every 6 months to keep the account open.  Of course, if I don't, they charge me 10 bucks and close the account, so I won't be out much if it fails.


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