Thursday, June 26, 2014

Brigadeiros - Brazilian Truffles

I made these tonight (actually, made the paste last night, but didn't form the balls until tonight).  A few years ago, we went to an "International Day" thing that one of my wife's groups had.  The woman representing Brazil had these chocolate truffles and was supposed to have emailed me the recipe, but never did.  I was thinking about them the other day and decided to just search for Brazilian chocolate.  I figured it must be a popular Brazilian thing, since that was kinda the point, and it turned out I was right.  It didn't take long to find.

I came across this recipe and blog by Denise Browning.  All it is is a can of sweetened condensed milk, a quarter cup of cocoa, a bit of vanilla, and stuff to roll the balls in.  In my case, I think I didn't quite let it cook long enough to get as firm as it should be.  I probably had my heat turned up too high, as it was just starting to boil when it got thick, and I thought I remembered reading another recipe saying it shouldn't boil.  So I should have probably cooked it a little longer at a little lower temperature.  But it could also be that I tried to roll them at room temperature.  In my house, because my wife was airing it out, that was close to 90.  But on the plus side, that meant my fingers kept getting messy (butter didn't help at all) so that meant I had to "reset" by licking them clean, washing them, and then rolling some more.

Anyway, I think for firmer, cook longer, for softer cook less.  It would make a great frosting, although I don't know if it's whippable to make it lighter.  It's good regardless.  I may have to try that with a batch later.  My wife wanted nuts in hers (I'm not big on nuts) and my daughter had some Barbie sprinkles from something, so that pink one is hers.  If you don't have toppings, that's fine too; just eat it with a spoon like you do those tubs of frosting.  Or is that just me?

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