Friday, January 30, 2015

New way of telling the short version

I know I talk and write an awful lot that no one wants to read.  For the most part, there are probably very few people that are actually into the details of whatever I do.  For instance, if I come up with a cool app that has some cool features, y'all just want to hear about the cool app and cool features, not all of the nuts and bolts of what I did and how I did it.  Normally, I write all of the details, then realize that it is way to long, and write a "So, long story short," section.  Then I end up moving that to the top, and hoping it's enough.  Well, now I think I've found a new way to do it.  Instead of trying to add a paraphrase section, I'm writing an app where I can highlight the portions that make up a short version and hide everything else.  So the posts will start out with the short version visible, and When you click the "tl;dr;" button, you'll see the rest.  If you don't want the details, don't click the button. And, by the way, this post is simply a test. :)

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