Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hard Cider

I've started some lazy-man's hard cider.  Just 100% pure apple juice from the store, with a bit of instant yeast thrown in, and a balloon as an airlock.  I don't drink, so I won't even be able to tell if it's any good or not, and will have to rely on my wife and friends.  But if it comes up even reasonable, then I may look into juicing my own apples and trying a more authentic batch.  It only takes a couple of months to age, so it may be one of the simpler alcoholic brews I can make.

I have another bottle I'm going to mess with later, but I'm just going for sparkling apple juice.  I don't even remember what my point was with that at the moment.  Since I already know I can carbonate a beverage from my ginger ale experiments, it's probably not worth the bother without fresh pressed juice, but it will be a quick and cheap experiment, I suppose.  The only thing I really stand to learn is probably how the yeast affects the color, clarity, and flavor of the store-bought juice.

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