Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Trilogies - I hate 'em - Part 4 - Nolanders

Continuing my review of the Paranormal 13, I just finished the 9th book, Nolanders, Emanations Book 1.  It has an interesting creation myth, and an unresolved storyline to justify the series-ness.  However, the primary character ends up as part of a secret organization, so it's possible that the the future books could have a spy-series type feel, with the series storyline laid over that.  I couldn't say for sure without actually reading the second book, but this first book did seem to have a concise adventure that was basically concluded.  Of course, it could also be that I finished the book (and did most of the reading of it) late at night, and that I just WANT one of these series to actually be enjoyable.  I'll let you know more if I get around to buying the second one.

Because I'm watching a TV show called "Chuck" right now, it is a good example of what I want in a series.  There is an overarching story line of a rogue agent stealing intelligence data and sending it to an old friend.  They slowly build why he stole it, why he sent it to that particular person, etc.  But each episode is also an individual spy adventure.  That's the kind of series I want to read.  But if the entire series was just the primary storyline, without the side-quest adventures, it would be pretty boring.

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