Sunday, December 28, 2014

Trilogies - I hate 'em - Part 5 - The Medium (Emily Chambers Spirit Medium Book 1)

I finished another book in the Paranormal 13 set.  This one is about a woman who can see ghosts.  As a general review, it was another book with a female lead character that got all lovey-dovey.  The story was moderately interesting, and the "adventure" of defeating a minor demon was brought to a conclusion.  The overarching character-development storyline seems to have an obvious solution that was not completed in the book, but the answer seems so obvious that it doesn't seem worth reading any more of the series for that story.  I suppose the hints I picked up may be wrong, but still doesn't seem worth it.  So, by the ruler of simply, "Did the book have a concise adventure that was completed, indicating that future books would have a chance of being concise adventures that could be read individually in no particular order", the series is fine.  But, the story itself wasn't interesting enough to me, and there was too much "girl stuff" in it to be enjoyable to me.

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